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Facial Liposuction in Virginia Beach

Facial Liposuction in Virginia BeachOur natural facial shape is largely out of our control. If you have a fuller face, jawline or neck that causes you to look older or heavier than you really are, you can probably thank your genetics or the natural effects of the aging process. Unfortunately fat in these areas is also notoriously resistant to diet and exercise efforts.

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Kevin Bounds can safely and precisely remove stubborn facial fat using liposuction. In the hands of an experienced, skilled plastic surgeon, liposuction can create a sleek, slender facial profile and more refined contours.

Can You Benefit From Facial Liposuction?

You could benefit from facial liposuction if you are bothered by stubborn fatty tissue on your neck or under your chin (known as the “submental” area). Liposuction can help contour a sagging jawline or eliminate a double chin. For the best results, your skin should have some firmness and elasticity so it can retract over the smaller surface area after the fat is removed.

When evaluating you for facial liposuction, Dr. Bounds will inquire about your health and medical history. You should be in good general health. Dr. Bounds suggests achieving your target weight range before undergoing facial liposuction, as gaining or losing a significant amount of weight after liposuction could affect your ultimate outcomes.

Facial Liposuction Treatment Details

Facial Liposuction in Virginia BeachFacial liposuction is usually a fairly straightforward and quick procedure if performed as a standalone procedure. Some patients elect to combine facial liposuction with other facial rejuvenation procedures, which adds to the total treatment time and creates a more dramatic transformation.

During liposuction, Dr. Bounds creates several small openings in the skin and inserts a thin, hollow tube called a cannula through the openings. Moving the cannula back and forth, Dr. Bounds carefully breaks up the unwanted fat. Then, he extracts the fat through the cannula. This can be done with general or local anesthesia for complete patient comfort.

The surgical details for facial liposuction, including the location of the access points for the cannula, depend on the areas of the face being treated. The two of you will develop a treatment plan during your initial consultation so you know exactly what to expect.

Recovering From Facial Liposuction

Recovering from facial liposuction varies patient to patient. Your recovery process depends on factors such as your health and the extent of your treatment. Facial liposuction performed as a standalone procedure has a faster recovery timeframe than when it is combined with other procedures.

In general, expect to recover at home for about a week before resuming work. A compression garment will be placed over the treated area to minimize swelling. You may have some burning, itching or mild discomfort at the incision site, but these aftereffects should subside quickly.

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