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Male Liposuction in Virginia Beach, VA

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At Plastic Surgery of Virginia Beach, we offer liposuction for men who have unwanted fat deposits on the body. Whether the results of stress, aging or a diet change, let our effective male liposuction procedure take care of those problems areas safely. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Kevin Bounds proudly provides male liposuction to residents of Norfolk, Chesapeake, Newport News and surrounding communities in Virginia. Schedule a consultation for male liposuction today!

What is Male Liposuction?

Liposuction for men is no different from traditional liposuction in terms of the technology and techniques employed for optimum results. However, at Plastic Surgery of Virginia Beach, Dr. Kevin Bounds specializes in sculpting the male physique and using liposuction to help men feel their best. Male liposuction can remove unwanted fat to reveal a slimmer, toner body.

How Does Liposuction Work?

Liposuction is a minimally invasive procedure with immediate results, making it a popular choice for many candidates. Dr. Bounds will begin the procedure by numbing you and making one or more tiny incisions carefully placed on the target area to minimize any scarring. Next, a tiny cannula, or tubule, is inserted in the incision(s) and a suction device removes the fat from the area through the cannula. Once Dr. Bounds is pleased with the amount of fat removed from your problem area, he will remove the cannula and close the incision.

When Will I See the Results of my Male Liposuction?

The results of liposuction for men are immediate, but will continue to develop as the swelling goes down and your body adjusts to its new composition. The results will last permanently, or for as long as you maintain your current weight, diet and exercise routine.

Who is a Candidate for Male Liposuction?

Male liposuction is an extremely effective procedure for men whom meet the following criteria:

  • At a healthy and stable weight
  • In good overall health
  • Have good skin elasticity
  • Have certain problem areas, but are generally satisfied with the rest of the body
  • Have realistic expectations for liposuction results

If you think you are a candidate for male liposuction, we are happy to review your candidacy at a complimentary consultation. Dr. Bounds will listen to your reasons for considering male liposuction, your desired outcome, and formulate the right path of treatment accordingly.

How Much Does Male Liposuction Cost in Virginia Beach, VA?

The cost of liposuction for men can vary based on the size of the problem area being treated, and the amount of liposuction needed. Dr. Bounds will discuss the cost for your liposuction procedure at your consultation, where he will also develop a specialized treatment plan just for you. For your convenience, we offer CareCredit® and APLPHAEON financing on all procedures. For more information, visit our financing page.

Are you a man who’s privately considered plastic surgery, but continues to delay it? Schedule your male liposuction consultation today with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Kevin Bounds. Plastic Surgery of Virginia Beach offers effective male plastic surgery procedures to residents of Norfolk, Chesapeake, Newport News and surrounding communities in Virginia.

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