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Skin Care in Virginia Beach, VA

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Beauty is more than skin deep…but it’s a great place to start! There is no better way to pamper your skin and maintain a healthy and youthful appearance than with a professional skin care regimen supervised by a board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Kevin Bounds. Plastic Surgery of Virginia Beach offers skin care treatment to the residents of Norfolk, Chesapeake, Newport News and surrounding communities in Virginia.


Tightening Hydrating cream

We are extremely excited to announce the arrival of our new ultra-firming cream treatment for the neck and chest area, this area tends to show aging fine lines and loss of firmness.

Hydrating cream with linoleic acid, peptides, and vitamins C and E.
Helps to firm and smooth skin, visibly improves skins health and texture…. Instantly see firming and tightening of the neck and the chest area.

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New Just in time for SUMMER 2020


Hydrating tinted sunscreen with SPF 40 for broad-spectrum defense against UVA/UVB rays. Potent antioxidant lipochrome and detoxifying botanicals reduce the appearance of lines, dark spots and other signs of photoaging caused by digital pollution and light exposure.


  • Firms, nourishes, and rejuvenates skin.
  • Glides on easily and works well as a makeup primer.
  • Safe for sensitive, rosacea-prone, acneic and post-procedure skin.
  • 100% free of artificial fragrance and other irritants.
  • Vegan, cruelty-free and reef-safe.

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The Wait is Over,

Renew and Refresh your Skin!

We are happy to announce the arrival of our Advanced Retinol serum!  Advanced Retinol is an anti-aging serum with retinol, pospholipids, and glycolipids. After clinical studies with superior results we are happy to bring it into our Skincare Line.

Advance Retinol:

Skin Care in Virginia Beach, VAConcentrated anti-aging serum with retinol, phospholipids, and glycolipids, Visibly firm skin and reduces appearance of wrinkles and pores.

Fades age spots and evens skin tone. Lipids help restore moisture barrier.


*Increases luminosity and evens skin tone

*Helps lessen the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

*Helps increase facial volume

*Improves skin smoothness and lessens roughness and scaly patches


Skin Care in Virginia Beach, VAConcentrated anti-aging serum with lilac stem cells,  vitamin C, and marine extracts, Dramatically improves  deeper lines, brightness ,texture, and pores.

When combined these advanced compounds come together to reduce wrinkles and leave skin with a more youthful, lifted appearance at the same time,  C-stem diminishes reduce, redness, and  reduces breakouts.

The result  is smoother and softer skin that is more resilient to environmental challenges and stressors.

Ultra Benefits:

Firming and Brightening moisturizer

Skin Care in Virginia Beach, VAAntioxidant moisturizer combining and strongest antioxidant, Lipochroman to help reverse and prevent visible aging changes. Peptides and brighteners visible improve appearance of lines,  wrinkles and age spots.


*Strongest antioxidant Lipochroman helps provide protection from UV as well as many pollutants and contribute to premature aging.

*Brightens skin and evens skin tone, making Ultra Benefits an excellent moisturizer to help combat hyperpigmentation.

*Firms and hydrates skin with advanced peptides.

Ultra Firming Eye:

Anti-Puff Cream

360’ tightening cream with peptide complex firms skin around eyes. Diminishes puffiness, dark circles, and crow’s feet.


*Minimizes the appearance of dark circles

*Visible reduces  eye puffiness

*Helps boost collagen production

*Visible  Firms  and soothes eye contour

Vita Smooth:

Protective replenishing  serum

Antioxidant replenishing serum restores skin’s bioidentical glycolipids and vitamins E and F. Contains strongest antioxidant.  Lipochroman to help correct  and protect skin from  environmental aging . Provides instant flow and smoother , plumper skin.


*Helps correct dull  rough skin

*Reduces visible  signs of  aging

*Excellent for red and overly—dry acneic skin

*Provides antioxidant and moisturizing nutrients to brighten and help rejuvenate your sins texture.

Lavender Creamy Cleanser:

For dry, mature, or Post procedure skin

Hydrating milk cleanser with lavender essential oil, aloe, and vitamin. Gently removes makeup and impurities.


*Promotes skin softness and smoothness

*Replenished skin moisture as  it removes debris and makeup

Gentle botanicals calmer cleanser

*Suitable for face, neck and eyes

*Soothes redness and dryness ideal for dry. sensitive ,sunburned or laser treated skin

*Can be used with water or without

Salicylic Face and Body Wash

For Hyperpigmentation, Oily,  and Acne-Prone skin

Micro-exfoliating cleanser with 2% salicylic and 1% moisturizing and  antimicrobial  coconut oil at low ph 4.5 for enhanced dead cell removal. Removes surface dead cell build up to  improve luminosity and  even skin tone. Suitable for face and body.


*Effectively cleansers without drying skin

*Improves luminosity and evens skin tone

*Deep  cleans pores

*Treats and  prevents acne

*Gentle surfactants and non-irritating



*All-natural preservative system ideal for body breakouts

*calms bikini, folliculitis and razor bumps


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What is Skin Care?

Proper skin care is essential in maintaining your youthful appearance. Even if you’re not considering surgical procedures, there are a number of skin rejuvenation procedures and techniques that can tone and tighten, improve skin pigmentation problems, such as age or sun spots, and even improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Plastic Surgery of Virginia Beach is proud to offer a comprehensive skin care clinic featuring services, such as microdermabrasion and a variety of peels to gently and effectively exfoliate, smooth and tighten your skin.

Dr. Bounds supervises a staff of skin care specialists and can customize a skin care program for you that achieves the results you desire in a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere.

Skin Care Peels

Various peels are available to smooth and revitalize the skin and even help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Most peels are extremely well tolerated and the results obtained are quick and often immediately noticeable. Recovery time is minimal and the process leaves the skin smoother, often reducing the effects of sun damage and appearance of fine lines. We offer the following peels:

Glycolic Acid Treatments

How Much Does Skin Care Cost in Virginia Beach?

The cost of skin care will be determined based on the treatment you are receiving. We will determine your exact cost at your consultation. We are proud to offer CareCredit® and ALPHAEON financing to our clients who wish to use convenient monthly plans. For more information, visit our financing page.

Ready to feel great about yourself again? Schedule your consultation with Dr. Bounds, today! Plastic Surgery of Virginia Beach is passionately committed to reflecting your inner beauty. Using the latest and most advanced procedures for cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, Dr. Kevin Bounds and his team offers skin care solutions to the residents of Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake, Newport News and the surrounding communities in Virginia. 

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