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different approach to Botox treatments in Virginia Beach

How Dr. Bounds Takes a Different Approach to Botox Treatments

We have all thought about the different ways we can obtain a more youthful, refreshed face. One of the leading nonsurgical options that has been available for nearly 25 years is Botox®.

At Plastic Surgery of Virginia Beach, Dr. Kevin Bounds offers Botox treatments for patients seeking a minimally invasive method to create a more youthful appearance. Here, he discusses how he takes a different approach to Botox treatments.

What Is Botox?

Botox has been approved by the FDA for the treatment of moderate to severe forehead lines, lateral canthal lines (crow’s feet) and/or glabellar lines (frown lines). Botox injections block chemical signals from nerves that make muscles contract. As a result, the muscles relax and wrinkles are reduced. The rejuvenating effects of Botox can last up to six months, and on average four months.

Individualized Treatments

Dr. Bounds believes in individualized treatments for every patient that comes into his office. As such, he does not participate in “Botox parties” or other events where he cannot have an individualized consultation with the patient. Dr. Bounds ensures that every Botox treatment is personalized to the individual needs of the patient. He uses his experience in delivering thousands of Botox injections, to ensure that he provides the most advantageous approach for each and every treatment.

Natural-Looking Results

The number one concern that patients come to Dr. Bounds with when considering Botox treatments is whether their results will look natural. Dr. Bounds does not believe in leaving patients with a frozen or overdone look. His personalized approach relies on skill and thoughtful administration to give patients a natural and refreshed appearance.

Combined With Other Treatments

While each treatment is individualized, that does not mean that Dr. Bounds limits the use of Botox to a standalone treatment. Dr. Bounds understands the benefits of combining cosmetic treatments for long-lasting results. During your consultation, ask Dr. Bounds how dermal fillers or other cosmetic treatments can be combined with Botox to enhance your results.

Available for Men and Women

Dr. Bounds understands that Botox is a treatment that can benefit both women and men. As such, he encourages all patients who are seeking a natural, more youthful appearance to consider Botox.

Schedule Your Botox Consultation in Virginia Beach Today

If you’re interested in Botox treatments, contact our office, Plastic Surgery of Virginia Beach, today to schedule your consultation. If Dr. Bounds determines that Botox is right for you, it may be possible for you to have your first treatment immediately following your consultation.

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