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The Three Best Reasons to Undergo Liposuction

Liposuction, or the surgical removal of unwanted body fat, is one of the most commonly performed plastic surgeries in the country. When performed by an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon, the risk of serious long-term complications is very low.

If you are considering liposuction but not sure whether to proceed with surgery, familiarize yourself with the many benefits. Here, our Virginia Beach plastic surgeon, Dr. Kevin Bounds, discusses three of the best reasons to undergo surgery.

1. Improve Body Contours

Dr. Bounds sees countless patients who exercise daily, follow a near-perfect diet and practice portion control yet still struggle with reducing disproportional areas of unwanted fat. You may find yourself in similar circumstances. It may be that you are simply genetically programmed to store fat in your upper arms, buttocks or hips, and no amount of dieting or exercise will help tone those areas.

Liposuction literally removes the fat cells from the “problem areas” of your body, and they will not grow back. As a liposuction specialist, Dr. Bounds understands exactly how much fat to remove and how to resculpt the remaining fat to create sleek, smooth body contours you will surely love.

2. Boost Self-Confidence

Pockets of unwanted fat do more than obscure a beautiful body shape. Stubborn fat can actually affect your self-confidence. You may feel self-conscious at the beach or pool, or too embarrassed to undress in front of your significant other. Liposuction with Dr. Bounds gives you the confidence boost that comes from feeling your physical best.

3. Improve Clothing Fit

Another problem that Dr. Bounds’ liposuction candidates frequently encounter is difficulty fitting into certain types of clothing. Often patients who are top-heavy have a hard time wearing certain jackets or blouses, and patients who hold onto weight in their hips or thighs find shopping for jeans nearly impossible. By refining your curves with liposuction, you will enjoy better-fitting clothing that truly flatters your body.

Liposuction Is Not a Weight Loss Strategy

There are many reasons to get liposuction, but weight loss is not one of them. Understand that liposuction is not a substitute for diet or exercise, and the best candidates for liposuction are at or within a few pounds of their target weight. If you are overweight and hoping to slim down through liposuction, Dr. Bounds will gently encourage you to work with a medical team to safely lose weight through other means.

Request a Liposuction Consultation Today

Convinced of the incredible benefits that liposuction can provide? The first step toward a more beautiful body shape is to consult with Dr. Bounds about your options. Call or email our plastic surgery practice today to request an appointment.

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