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Two weeks postop and on the beach!

Let’s review two beautiful young women in their 20s who came to Bounds Plastic Surgery approximately a year ago. They were both interested in breast augmentation. Many times the subtle benefit of elective plastic surgery is not recognized. I would like to share their experiences.

Case 1:
Case 124 y.o. 5’5” 130lbs 325cc moderate plus gel. 13 months post op

During her initial consultation, this patient walked into my office and was a little shy. One year later she walked into my office with a very attractive outfit that was consistent with her new found confidence. I thought to myself “what a difference a year makes!”

Case 2:
Case 224 y.o. 5’6” 116lbs 275cc moderate plus gel. 6 months post op

My patient pictured here had a similar presentation to our patient above, and another very beautiful result. She said to me “this was one of the best decisions of my life, and it didn’t even hurt.”

While this experience (no discomfort) is unusual, her newfound self-assurance and happiness with the results of her breast augmentation is not unusual at all.

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