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What is Brotox?

Botox® in Virginia Beach, VABotox Treatments aimed at men are commonly referred to as Brotox. This is a clever term for Botox treatments which help men look and feel better. In today’s world there is less stigma attached to cosmetic treatments for men and women. Social media with posts to Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and dating sites have men wanting to put their best face forward. Competition in the job market and the focus on youth also encourage men to want to look younger than their chronological age.

So what are Brotox treatments and how do they work?

Botox is a quick, safe effective treatment which reduces or eliminates facial lines and wrinkles for four to six months. A series of tiny injections temporarily immobilize the small muscles which contract when we frown, squint or look worried.  After treatment the person looks rejuvenated as horizontal lines across the forehead, frown lines between the eyes and crowsfeet around the eyes are reduced or eliminated.

Will I look natural after treatment? …..  This is a question we hear often.

One frequently expressed concern is that treatment might result in a frozen or unnatural look.  We have seen these poor results on the internet or in Entertainment blogs too and it is unattractive.  But what we also see are the great results in our patients who are happy with their youthful and natural countenance after treatment.

Who should be providing my Botox treatments?

Although Botox is not a surgical treatment, to get the best treatment possible you want the best injector. Men considering Botox in Hampton Roads should look for physicians who focus on cosmetic procedures and are certified by the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. A high level of expertise and knowledge of facial anatomy is key to great results from your Botox treatment. This is a key factor for men as their goals and anatomy may differ from those in a woman. Any doctor or supervised nurse can inject Botox, but that may not mean they have had significant experience doing so.

Why look worried when there’s Botox. Call for your treatment today!

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