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Why Use Medical-Grade Skin Care Products?

Over-the-counter skin care products are wallet-friendly, accessible and tremendously popular. If you are like many Americans, you have shelves or drawers full of OTC serums and creams that are packaged attractively and feel good on your skin.

But are these products really helping you achieve the glowing, youthful skin you desire? According to Dr. Kevin Bounds and the team at Plastic Surgery of Virginia Beach, you may be better off looking at medical-grade skin care products. In our experience, the sooner you incorporate medical-grade skin care into your routine, the better. Our products stand out as well for being Paraben-free, cruelty free and do not have artificial fragrances.

The Best Value for Your Money

It is easy to spend a lot of time (and money) on over-the-counter products in pursuit of perfect skin. But OTC products are designed to work on the majority of the population. To avoid irritating overly sensitive skin types, they only contain a small concentration of active ingredient. As such, OTC products simply do not pack much of a punch.

Medical-grade skin care products are formulated with top-quality ingredients and carefully developed to penetrate your skin more deeply. Medical-grade skin care is closely regulated by the FDA, and products must be thoroughly researched and tested. The manufacturers of these products must show scientific evidence that the products deliver on their advertised claims. Since medical-grade products are purer, more potent and developed according to higher standards, you will see better results.

Picked Specifically for Your Skin Type and Goals

It can be overwhelming to sort through the endless skin care options available in drugstores, department stores or online. In a way, it’s a guessing game of self-diagnosing your skin type and selecting random combinations of products you think will address your issues. If you do not know your skin type or which types of products complement each other, you probably will not buy what your skin actually needs.

Medical-grade skin care products are available exclusively through plastic surgeons, dermatologists and other skin care professionals who acutely understand skin health and common skin conditions. Instead of wasting time, money and energy on picking out OTC products, trust in the experience and expertise of our team. We know what is happening to your skin on a cellular level, and we are deeply familiar with our product lines.

You can feel confident in our ability to personalize a product regimen tailored to your individual needs. Additionally, we will explain how to use the products to achieve the best outcomes.

Enhance the Results of Professional Skin Care Treatments

When you invest in a professional skin care treatment like microdermabrasion or surgical procedures like a facelift or z-plasty, you want your results to look as good and last as long as possible. OTC products will not do much to preserve the life of your treatment results, but a curated selection of medical-grade skin care products will.

To learn more about making the switch from over-the-counter products to medical-grade skin care, please contact our office today.

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