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Avoiding an artificial-looking facelift in Virginia Beach

Avoiding a “Pulled” or Artificial Facelift Look

When it comes to facelift, moderation is a wise guiding principle. Those artificial-looking celebrity facelifts that generate so much attention and alarm are usually the result of a patient (and doctor) who just didn’t know when to stop. He or she insisted on going to an extreme, when a modest procedure performed by a skilled surgeon would have worked wonders.

Below, experienced Virginia Beach plastic surgeon Dr. Kevin Bounds suggests ways to ensure your facelift will create a subtle new touch of youthfulness for your appearance, rather than the painful-to-watch spectacle of a “pulled” or “windswept” facelift.

Judgment and Experience

The starting point for a successful result is the experience and judgment of your plastic surgeon. A surgeon with good judgment understands the needs of the patient, and will never push someone to try an unwanted or unnecessary procedure. Good judgment involves considering the patient’s entire facial profile, understanding that each area of the face contributes to an individual’s distinctive look. Treating one area only, such as the jowls or neck, can upset the aesthetic balance of the face, making a person look unnatural and even unrecognizable.

Equally important is a surgeon’s track record of successful surgeries on a wide variety of facial types. This depth of experience, combined with a commitment to keeping abreast of the latest techniques and medical best practices, will ensure the most natural-looking result.

An experienced surgeon knows how important it is to pay attention to the muscles and ligaments under the skin, not simply stretch the surface layer, creating tension with deeper tissue.

Artist’s Gallery

The ideal plastic surgeon will be a gifted artist as well. A surgeon with an eye for proportion and balance will never pull facial features out of alignment or improperly place incisions. And finally, a top plastic surgeon will enthusiastically share with you before and after pictures of
his many facelift patients. In this gallery, you will see for yourself the difference exceptional artistry and surgical precision can make

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