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New dermal fillers for fuller lips in Virginia Beach

New Fillers for Great Lip Augmentation Results

Depending on genetics, environment and lifestyle, the passage of time can make your lips thinner and reduce the amount of collagen, the structural protein that gives facial features the full, smooth, healthy appearance of youth.

Dermal fillers are the most popular antidote for these changes. Although such injected fillers are not permanent, the process is quick and easy. Below, experienced Virginia Beach plastic surgeon Dr. Kevin Bounds reviews the latest options in fillers, along with some popular alternative solutions.

Beautiful Benefits

The advent of dermal fillers revolutionized plastic surgery, and each year sees exciting new products and innovations. Before this quick and convenient option, patients often relied on surgical fat transfer or silicone injections to build volume and smooth wrinkles. Dermal fillers are popular not simply for their ability to fill in lines, furrows and areas of depression, but also for their effectiveness in stimulating the production of naturally revitalizing collagen. 

For lips, Dr. Bounds recommends Juvederm Volbella® XC and Restylane Kysse or Silk dermal fillers. These products add fullness to lips, while addressing vertical lip lines and other signs of aging in the surrounding area. Kysse, Silk and Volbella are soft and used to add greater volume to lips, and are preferred when maximum fullness is desired. 

Depending on your preference, these fillers can be used to bring back a youthful pout, or achieve a more modest change that will eliminate the thin, broad look of older lips.

Trust an Expert Injector

With lip augmentation, the most important choice you make is not the dermal filler you select, but the doctor who will be performing the injections. In addition to his exceptional surgical experience, Dr. Bounds is also a certified Expert Injector. Only board-certified plastic surgeons, dematologists or oculoplastic surgeons are allowed to participate in this program, which involves very specific training in administering dermal fillers and other injectables.

Surgeons who are also Expert Injectors are skilled in targeting and controlling the amount of gel injected into the lips, or any other facial area. When you trust an Expert Injector, rather than a medical professional or aesthetician without this rigorous training, you benefit from the highest level of precision and artistry. The proof is in the final result.

To learn more about lip augmentation and dermal fillers, schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Bounds in his Virginia Beach office by calling or emailing today.

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