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Countdown to your Facelift! Plan your recovery.


Where will you be after surgery?

Find a space in your home where you can be comfortable with your head slightly elevated (30-40 degrees) during the early stages of your recovery.  Either plan to use a recliner or prepare your bed with pillows to allow for this.

Who will your support team be?

It is important to have family and/or friends available to support you emotionally and to spoil you by taking care of the little things you may not be able to do for the first few days. Transportation, shopping, child care, cooking and cleaning will need to be delegated to your “support staff”. Find that one friend or family member who will be there to take you to your surgery, bring you home after and be your nurse for the first day or so.  This person will also bring you in for your post-operative appointments.

 Have your environment organized.

Assess your needs for the first week or so of recovery and have any entertainment devices, phones and chargers in place.  Make sure toiletries are easily accessible. You shouldn’t bend down, lift or strain yourself after surgery. Find those movies or books which you’ve been wanting to watch or read. Purchase some bags of frozen peas or ice packs so they are available to help with swelling.

 Food, yes food!

Have soft food ready to go.  Stay away from prepared foods or foods that are high in sodium to prevent swelling.  Avoid alcohol for the days before your surgery. Buy soft foods that are rich in protein, low in sodium and require little preparation like applesauce, oatmeal and soup. Know that as you are resting your face you should enjoy foods which required little or no chewing.

Wait, you smoke? Quit!

The impact of smoking on recovery is very negative. There is a greater chance of complications and your recovery can be slower.  Plus you’re going to look younger and better after your facelift, don’t let smoking add wrinkles to your beautiful result!

 Follow all instructions given to you by your Plastic Surgeon.

Before your surgery there will be a History and Physical appointment wherein your doctor and his staff will give you detailed instructions for your facelift, based on your specific medical needs and health history. Post-operative instructions will be given and should be reviewed with those who are providing your care after surgery.

Fill all your prescriptions. 

Your surgeon will have provided you with prescriptions for your recovery.  Fill them ahead of time so you have them readily available when you get home.

 Stay in contact with your Plastic Surgeon.

He will call after your surgery.  Do not hesitate to ask any questions you might have before the procedure so you will have the knowledge and comfort to make your recovery as stress free as possible. Follow instruction closely and of course return to the office for all appointments.



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