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Facelift Recovery

Facelift in Virginia Beach, VA

You’re ready for the procedure, now let’s review some things about your physical recovery after the facelift.

  • You are likely to experience some discomfort after your facelift procedure but will have medications to relieve this.
  • You will be wearing facial garments which may feel somewhat tight and restrictive but help reduce swelling and improve your recovery.
  • Recovery is typically around two weeks, you can resume a more active lifestyle after four weeks.
  • Sutures are removed seven to ten days after surgery.
  • You should follow your surgeon’s instructions about showering and bathing, specifically when it’s okay to wash your hair.
  • Numbness and muscle stiffness is normal for some time.  Scars, although hidden can take up to a year to fade.
  • Remember that although genetics play a role in your physical appearance, a healthy lifestyle with a good diet and exercise can help maintain your beauty. Begin by following a low sodium diet just after your procedure.
  • Your facelift will enhance your beauty. To continue the benefits avoid smoking, limit your alcohol intake, and try to reduce stress and sun exposure.

For more information about facelift surgery and recovery please contact us to request a consultation today.

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