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What is Voluma® and is it for me?

Voluma® in Virginia Beach, VA

Juvederm® Voluma® XC, one of the VyCross Fillers, is designed to correct age related volume loss in the cheeks to create a more youthful appearance. The aging process produces not only lines and wrinkles but a natural loss of volume in the mid-face area which can be addressed with Voluma®.

Voluma® has been developed by Allergan®, the makers of Botox and Juvederm, and is placed deep under the skin to add volume and lift to help contour cheeks and cheekbones. It is made of a thick hyaluronic based gel that can be used to increase fullness in areas of the face that have lost volume. Voluma® is one of the longest lasting of the FDA approved facial filler lasting up to two years if not more.

Does a Voluma® injection hurt? 

My patients ask many good questions about Voluma®, among them, Does a Voluma® injection hurt? How soon will I see results? And What are the side effects.

To answer the first question, I respond Voluma® is premixed with Lidocaine so most patients experience minimal discomfort. There may be a slight “ouch” as the very fine gauge needle goes into the skin similar to a pinch. As the Voluma® is injected there is a feeling of mild pressure but beyond that patients seem very comfortable receiving Voluma® treatments.  

How soon will I see results?

Voluma® results are seen immediately after your treatment which can take half an hour to an hour depending upon the number of syringes needed to achieve your refreshed look.  Side effects can include swelling, bruising and redness which can happen after other facial fillers. Because Voluma® is injected deeper into the tissues you may feel some tenderness or soreness for a few days after treatment. The discomfort can be easily managed with over the counter pain medication like Tylenol.

And What are the side effects?

As with all non-surgical treatments, the goal is to enhance a person’s beauty, minimize the effects of aging and look natural.  My experience has taught me that less in more and that an overdone face detracts from a patient’s natural beauty. After considerable study and treatment of patients, I know Voluma® in my hands can produce great improvements in patients looking to decrease the effects of aging.  I would look forward to meeting you for a consultation and helping you decide if dermal fillers can help you achieve your goals, and which fillers would be appropriate for your needs.

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  • Dr Bounds and his staff made all of my worries melt away. They helped me feel confident, not only with them but about myself. Each time I go in, it feels like going to see friends. Thank you Dr Bounds for giving me my MOUNDS. The size is perfect and they look and feel natural. I couldn’t have asked for a better result or doctor.-Trophy Wife

  • Dr. Bounds, is amazing he will keep you looking natural and enhance your own beauty.

  • Two months before my 50th bday I made my first appointment for Botox and filler with Dr.Bounds.I’d heard incredible feedback from a trusted & beautiful client of mine.His caring and professional staff make me feel like an old friend every time I come in.He is thorough in explaining procedures he can perform and the products he uses.Dr.Bounds shows amazing attention to detail& never forgets to ask how I’m doing as he works.I fear less the process of aging since finding Dr.Bounds & his staff.I love how natural I look…just a lot younger!

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